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Keep Yourself Safe by Getting Brake Repair Near Lancaster, CA and all of the High Desert

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For professional brake repair, turn straight to the best team near Lancaster, CA and all of the High Desert: 1st Generation Radiator Service! We are all-around experts that provide everything from simple brake fluid flush services to major overhauls. Our team knows the importance of proper brake maintenance. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure your brakes are in the best shape they can be.

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Know the Signs That You Need Brake Fluid Flush

Don’t want to pay for expensive brake repair fees? Then you need to take good care of your vehicle’s brakes. Forego proper maintenance and even small, minor issues could easily turn into a major, expensive one. So, watch out for these warning signs that indicate you need a brake fluid flush:

  • Pedal Hits the Floor: Generally, you shouldn’t have to press the pedal all the way down for the truck to decrease its speed. In fact, a quick, light tap on the brakes should already cause the truck to jolt a bit.
  • Brakes Not Biting: Do you find yourself pressing the pedal more than once for the brakes to work? Then you need urgent brake repair! If the damage hasn’t worsened yet, you might be able to resolve the problem with a simple brake flush.
  • Old Fluid: You should get a brake flush at least every two years or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first. So, if you’ve been using the same fluid as you did almost half a decade ago, bring your semi in for service.

Call for Expert Brake Flush Services

Need to get service for your brakes? For all your specialized brake repair needs, trust none other than the experts at 1st Generation Radiator Service! Dial (760) 605-1441 to book an appointment.

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1st Generation Radiator Service

1st Generation Radiator Service is an all-around mechanic that has been providing various auto and truck repair, maintenance, and inspection services for more than seven years now! Whether you need a simple oil change or heavy-duty auto repair, we can help!
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