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Ensure your semi truck kingpin is in tip-top condition with the help of 1st Generation Radiator Service! We are all-around mechanics that do kingpin installation, trailer kingpin repair, and trailer kingpin replacement in Hesperia, CA and all of the High Desert area. With us, you can make sure that your kingpin remains in good condition.

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Help Your Vehicle Carry Heavy Goods by Getting a Kingpin Installation

The semi truck kingpin is a rather small part of your vehicle in comparison to its body and carriage. But don’t ever take it for granted! Despite its size, it’s very important. A kingpin connects the trailer to its fifth wheel, which is important if you’re trying to transport heavy goods. Getting a kingpin installation is a good option for those who drive large trucks and need to make sure they can properly transport everything.

Watch Out for These Signs You Need Trailer Kingpin Repair

Some warning signs that say you need a semi truck kingpin or trailer kingpin repair are:

  • Misaligned Vehicle Stance: The kingpin connects the truck to the fifth wheel. So, the vehicle’s overall alignment would be affected if the kingpin were damaged.
  • Rough Handling: Damaged kingpins make it much harder to control your truck or trailer, especially when you’re making a turn.
  • Worn-Out Front Tires: Since damaged kingpins do not distribute the weight evenly, your front set of tires will wear out much quicker than the others.

For professional trailer kingpin repair, turn straight to 1st Generation Radiator Service! Our semi truck kingpin specialists will spot and resolve the issue right away. Dial (760) 605-1441 for pricing inquiries.


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1st Generation Radiator Service is an all-around mechanic that has been providing various auto and truck repair, maintenance, and inspection services for more than seven years now! Whether you need a simple oil change or heavy-duty auto repair, we can help!
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